These treats are made from aesthetically imperfect sweet potatoes that otherwise would have gone unused just for their appearance! As part of our sustainability initiative, we created delicious dog treats out of them. Sweet potatoes and their skins are a great source of fiber, and vegetable based nutrients. These healthy treats are minimally processed and made in the USA. Because there is such minimal processing, treats will vary in size, shape, and firmness. The best part about these treats: they are made from one ingredient – sweet potatoes! No artificial ingredients, fillers, or preservatives in sight!

Sweet Potato Mini Bites

    • SINGLE INGREDIENT: A simple, healthy dog treat made with sweet potatoes & that’s it. Since there is minimal processing, treats will vary in size, shape, and firmness
    • USA MADE: Grown on family farms in North Carolina, these tasty treats are part of a sustainability initiative to source & make treats out of aesthetically imperfect sweet potatoes in the USA
    • ALL NATURAL & GRAIN FREE: 100% natural dog treats, with no artificial ingredients or preservatives, provide a healthy snack for dogs with food allergies or sensitive stomachs
    • GREAT FOR TRAINING: Bite sized & only 7 calories per bite, make these healthy dog treats perfect for frequent rewarding when training puppies & dogs of all sizes
    • FARM TO TAIL: Minimally processed, healthy dog treats that support a balanced nutrition while keeping tails wagging