Chicken is a lean protein that is rich in niacin and is highly digestible. Our healthy chickens are raised on small, local free-range farms to give your pet the best quality protein possible. Chicken is a warming food and is helpful for pets with an overabundance of yin energy (passive/weak/easily fatigued).


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Savory Chicken- Patties

  • INGREDIENTS: Chicken, Mackerel, Chicken Liver, Chicken Necks, Chicken Heart, Beef Blood, Beef Green Tripe, Broccoli, Spinach, Carrots, Beef Bonemeal, Sesame Seeds, Apples, Beef Spleen, Garlic, Blueberries, Tomato Paste, Celery, Parsley, Beef Lung, Beef Thymus, Shiitake Mushroom Powder, Maitake Mushroom Powder, Zinc Proteinate, Ginger, Sea Salt, Copper Proteinate, Kelp, Wheat Germ Oil.


    Picture, Description & Product Details taken from

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