Keep your pet busy and calm by spreading out a tasty treat inside Hyper Pet’s LickiMat SloMo Slow Feeder! It’s specially designed to slow down your pet’s eating and keep him calm and relaxed. It features two textures—one for wet treats and one for dry, so he can enjoy both at the same time! Whether you want to spread a tasty helping of peanut butter, wet food, or create your own mixture, your pet will love the challenge of getting that very last lick. Not only is this great to use during stressful situations like fireworks and thunderstorms, but it can also help scrape away bad bacteria from your pet’s tongue for fresher breath! You can even place the LickiMat SloMo Slow Feeder in the freezer, so he can enjoy the wet treats for even longer.


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Licki Mat- Slomo

    • Can help reduce anxiety and give your pet a sense of calmness, especially during stressful times like during thunderstorms and fireworks.
    • Designed with 2 textures—one for dry treats and one for wet treats.
    • Encourages your paw-tner to eat slower, which can help reduce bloating and promote healthy digestion.
    • Can be used by feline friends and canine companions.
    • The textured interior that can scrape away bad bacteria, promoting fresh breath and clean teeth and gums.


    Picture, Description & Product Details taken from

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