We are America's direct source of all-natural, all-American dog ANTLER CHEWS.  Antlers are an annually renewable animal cartledge and bone tissue only generated by members of the DEER family. Generally, only males (bulls and bucks) grow antlers every year, however Caribou (Arctic deer) females also carry antlers As a major national supplier of deer meats, Grande Natural knows deer.

All-natural antler dog chews come predominately from Rocky Mountain ELK and some other deer species like mule deer, whitetail, red deer, moose and fallow deer.  Hard antler is an annually renewable crop that naturally FALLS OFF the deer, providing a safe, all-natural antler chew treat for your dog.  Every year, deer drop their old hard antler in late Winter and start growing new antlers  (velvet antlers) each and every Spring.  We collect the natural "drops" from farmed and wild animals, or gently and humanely surgically harvest the hard antler off farmed deer in the Fall.  Removing antlers from farmed deer minimizes the risk of injury as the bulls or bucks evolve into the aggressive annual rut or mating season.  NO ANIMALS ARE EVER HARMED.  In a farm situation, hard antlers left on males can be deadly weapons against predators, other males or even humans.  We have chosen to specialize in American Elk as our major source species all though we do use Moose, Red Deer, Fallow Deer, Whitetail Deer and Mule Deer and lastly Caribou (reindeer) antlers as well. 


Picture, Description & Product Details taken from elkusa.com

Elk Antlers

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